World Cup preparations started

For that, the Indian team is seen preparing thoroughly before the Indian team will also be seen playing the Asia Cup inside the Asia Cup if it performs well. If she does, her chances of winning the World Cup will ultimately increase. India will continue its performance in the same way inside the cup, and this performance is continuously going upwards now. It is visible, and this time, many new changes have been made in the Indian team, about which many questions are being raised continuously. It has also been raised that those players who have been kept away from the team for a long time should have been selected this time.

The Indian team has just been selected for the Asia Cup. In the Asia Cup, if the Indian team completely stands up to the performance for which the Indian team has been selected, Online Indian Chief Selector Ajit Agar has said that this time, The Indian team will win the Asia Cup ultimately because India is one of the strongest teams in Asia. Still, in Asia and the whole world, the image of India is very different. The Indian cricket team has another name. From this point of view, and with its good performance, it is expected that this performance will continue continuously. And if the Indian team performs well in the coming time, then India can also have a lot of hope for the World Cup. The best performance of the Indian team will be seen in the World Cup.

The Indian team will have a warm-up match with England.

The schedule of the match has also been released very quickly by the board of the Indian team, and the first warm-up match of the Indian team has been kept with the England team. Although the Indian team will be seen here playing the game in two overs in which one team, England, has been selected, the second team has not been announced by the BCCI yet. Kindly get help here. This time, the Indian team is presenting the most purple claim for this World Cup because the performance of the Indian team has been excellent. The Indian team has been practising this continuously for the last many years. Bar can win the World Cup.

Apart from the Indian team, whoever is ready to practise here continuously in big teams like Australia, England, and South Africa, and the discussion about their excellent performance very quickly in the team, these teams have also performed very well. This time, it has done and is trying to compete with the Indian team here. However, this time, the World Cup is to be held in India, for which the Indian team is considered the favourite because the Indian team can perform very well here. And seeing the way the Indian team plays continuously inside Asia, it would not be wrong to make an accurate guess that this time, if any section presents the strongest contender inside the world, then that Indian team. And there Captain Rohit Sharma is also fully ready to captain for the World Cup and make India win.

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