Yoga also effectively controls blood pressure; regular exercise has many benefits.

In today’s time, some routine has become such that every person gets to see the disease of blood pressure; in them, the blood pressure sometimes becomes high, and sometimes it becomes weak, to avoid such diseases and to reduce blood pressure. For this and to keep it normal, we can also do yoga because by doing yoga, new energy is transmitted inside our body. The body gets a chance to do all the activities we are unable to do, usually by taking medicines or Then trying to control it with something else. If we try to do yoga, it will be more beneficial, so we can choose yoga to control blood pressure.

Many qualified gurus have said that by doing yoga, the blood pressure takes a correct form, due to which neither it increases nor does it get normal and easily the circulation of blood inside our body starts properly. The blood circulation in the body begins to overgrow, as the risk of death increases very much, so if we take yoga properly and do the correct yoga asanas that we have been told, we should do them continuously and regularly. If applied, it will give new energy to our body and help keep other parts of our body strong so that we will enjoy our routine very much.

Sukhasana yoga is comfortable with blood pressure.

Yoga gurus have told many yogas about blood pressure, and pleasant coincidence in English is the most important; inside this yoga, you must sit comfortably, keep both hands above the knees and breathe in and out. By doing it continuously, the positive energy of our body is generated, and we get rid of the negative energy. Due to this, all the muscles and nerves inside the body will become active, and the blood pressure inside our body will decrease. Proper control will start; after this, we will do Bhujangasana, then it also becomes very beneficial for us; for this, we have to keep both hands on the ground, keep both feet on the ground, then move the waist and mouth upwards, and slowly- By doing this several times slowly, all the nerves inside the body become active.

Apart from this, we can also use Balasana Yoga for blood pressure. Inside Balasana Yoga, both knees have to be kept on the ground, and both hands are on the ground, face downwards, and do this asana for a long time. By doing this, there will be a lot of strength inside our feet as well as new energy will be generated inside our brain, it will help the most in controlling the blood pressure.

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