Yoga and Meditation can help you reverse Diabetes

A full regimen of asanas, pranayama, meditation, and various body-cleansing techniques has been shown to be effective in treating diabetes.

Negative Effects
Sangita is an illustration of someone who overcame diabetes via consistent yoga practice and dietary restraint. She attended my yoga class depressed and concerned about the negative effects of both diabetes and the medications used to treat it.

In order to identify the underlying causes of most health problems and provide appropriate solutions, it is necessary to get perspective on the person’s entire life. Typically, doctors simply treat patients based on their symptoms and medications.

However, people take off their masks and talk about their lives in a yoga session. As it turned out, Sangita. It was clear that diabetes was a situational and caused issue. She was a working mother of two who was going through a divorce and all that came with it.

Stress Reduction
Sangita required stress reduction, mental and emotional purging, and balance.
Within six months of her yoga routine and diet control, her diabetes vanished as enigmatically as it had appeared.

She began by purifying herself and engaging in regular asana, pranayama, and meditation. She quickly turned to rearranging the environment under her control to face the world outside of her control.

High Blood Sugar
Diabetes is a condition marked by high blood sugar that is brought on by poor eating habits, inactivity, pollution, and the strains of a fast-paced lifestyle. In India, there are currently believed to be 77 million diabetics, and by 2045, there are expected to be over 134 million. 57% of these people still have undetected conditions.

Because diabetes is a crippling condition that can harm the heart, lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, bone, brain system, thyroid gland, eyes, and skin, these alarming statistics should be taken seriously. Depression may also result from it.

Over time, eating these meals leads to obesity and higher glucose levels in the body. The hormone insulin is created by the pancreas to transport glucose to the cells for utilisation in cellular energy production or storage. When the pancreas produces too much insulin to control excessive blood glucose levels as a result of an improper diet, its ability to function finally breaks down.

The above makes it clear that the only method to revitalise the pancreas and defeat diabetes is through diet and exercise.

Sangita would have to practise meditation, too, in my opinion. Simple, fundamental meditation techniques are incredibly helpful in reducing life’s stressors and give you the confidence to take on any obstacles that may arise. It is important to gain perspective on the person’s entire life in order to pinpoint the root causes of the majority of health issues and offer suitable treatments.

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