Zelenskyy thanks PM Modi’s support during the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine as well as his comment that the moment was not right for war.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, expressed his thanks to PM Modi for the Indian government’s assistance during the Russia-Ukraine war.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of devastated Ukraine, thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for India’s aid and reiterated PM Modi’s claim that this is not a time of war. The development is crucial in light of Tuesday’s conversation between the prime minister and the leader of Kiev during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s announcement that four regions of Ukraine are now formally a part of Russia.

PM Modi repeated his appeal for an immediate end to hostilities and the necessity of pursuing the road of negotiation and diplomacy in a telephone discussion with Zelenskyy.
Zelenskyy thanked the prime minister for his support of Ukraine’s “integrity” and emphasized the significance of his recent declaration that the time was unsuitable for any conflict. On the eve of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, PM Modi and President Putin discussed the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Indian Prime Minister informed Putin that the modern era is not one of conflict, and I have already discussed this with you over the phone.

The Ukrainian president noted the conversation between the two leaders in Uzbekistan and emphasized the significance of PM Modi’s message while expressing his thanks. Zelesnkyy asked the Indian president to visit the eastern European nation, which is currently wracked by conflicts and military offensives, and extended his offer to him once more.

In a news statement issued by the Indian government, it was reported that Zelenskyy and PM Modi had conversations about ensuring the food security of the entire globe and that Ukraine was willing to carry on in that role. Both also discussed the protection of nuclear material and collaboration among international organizations, including the United Nations.

The government and business community of India received accolades from the president of Ukraine for their support of the country’s war-torn country. Zelenskyy repeated throughout the call that Ukraine will not engage in discussions with the Russian President.

In conversations with Putin after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in February 2022, PM Modi pleaded with the Russian government to scale back its military operations in Kyiv and resume talks with Zelenskyy.

A steadfast Kremlin leader still persevered in fighting the nation in Eastern Europe to increase territorial gains. The safe repatriation of the more than 20,000 Indian citizens now residing in Ukraine was PM Modi’s top concern. India faced criticism for not imposing sanctions on Russia in the same manner as other countries, particularly the West.

S. Jaishankar, India’s foreign affairs minister, said that his country was only importing 2% of the oil that European countries were buying from Moscow despite the country being subject to heavy sanctions.
When questioned if India’s purchase of oil was financing the war during the 9th India-Thailand Joint Commission Meeting, Jaishankar said, let’s be a bit more fair-handed.

When the foreign affairs minister issued critiques, rumors about India’s carelessness during a conflict were rampant.

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