Zuckerberg’s thread threatened Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and all these companies are run by Meta. I am the most prominent company of the time, which handles all these social media accounts, and Mark is the world’s most extensive social media account. Zuckerberg’s company makes it, so if anyone competes with Mark Zuckerberg’s company, it can become a massive threat to him, and he has made mistakes and openly said that no application that can compete with Twitter can be made in this world because It is very famous all over the world. Its consumer is available in large quantities.

Mark Zuckerberg found this thing like a challenge and took it as a challenge. He said that if Mark Zuckerberg re-creates such an application, it would entirely compete with Twitter. Still, Alan Musk said that if Mark Zuckerberg did not make such a joke, then Mark Zuckerberg later talked about launching his application Thread. He has completely launched this application inside the market, and for the last three days, it has been available in the market. It is fully available inside it is available on the play store and apple store.

More than five crore downloads in 3 days

Within three days, the friend made to erase Mark Zuckerberg’s company has made many records in his name. He has made about 50 million downloads in his name, say more than 50 million downloads are seen increasing continuously. People These applications are seen enjoying a lot because Twitter used to take a lot of money from its users for this thing. In the same way, Mark Zuckerberg has kept all the features inside his application for free now. And there, a limit was fixed for reading tweets on Twitter, but there is nothing like this here. No limit has been kept here to express your views, so people’s attitude is Twitter. Moving away from the thread

The situation between Mark Zuckerberg and Alien Masti at this time is not right at all, and the way both of them have taken forward their fight, they have accepted many challenges because both come from America. And such conversation between these two was happening continuously in the past also, but this time, it seems to be taking a severe form, and hence the decision a fight between the two has also been taken, and both the fight These two will be seen fighting each other.

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